Railroaded in Cooperstown

“A wake up call... a must read! We have just finished reading Railroaded in Cooperstown. Whew!! We found ourselves getting angry with David, knowing the roadblocks he has faced. Unbelievable! A must read for anyone that has suffered a loss to a railroad tragedy... An unbelievable account of one man's struggle for the truth... A story about truth, justice, ethical principles and values; and the fight against power, money, influence, and corruption within the railroad industry... A wake-up call for legislators and state/county officials responsible for our public safety.”
-Dennis and Vicky Moore, The Angels on Track Foundation

“Compelling and Powerful story… a must read! After reading Dave Butler’s manuscript, we felt it imperative to get this story into the public eye as a way to awaken the government to the ongoing victimization of citizens in needless rail crossing accidents. Railroaded in Cooperstown joins ongoing New York Times coverage by Pulitzer Prize winning author Walter Bogdanich, the Discovery Channel documentary “Trouble on the Tracks,” and the Angels on Track Foundation’s work as powerful weapons to heighten public awareness and force accountability in the railroad industry.”
-Jay Bernhardt, Corporate CEO
-Don McKay, P.E., retired business executive

“After 22 years of wondering whether or not the train accident was my fault, it is a comfort to know that the book Railroaded in Cooperstown has finally exposed the truth.”
-Earl Johnson, Poolville railroad crash survivor, Sherburne, NY

“I applaud anyone who tries to tell the truth about railroad grade-crossing collisions.”
-Walt Bogdanich, Pulitzer Prize for Journalism Stories on Railroad Safety Articles that appeared in The New York Times

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Railroaded in Cooperstown
... a true story

David Butler grew up in Cooperstown, New York . He lived his life true to the principles of honesty and integrity, never doubting that it was the right way to live.

In 1983, as the railroad police chief in Cooperstown, David investigated a double fatality railroad crossing accident. The evidence discovered during David’s investigation established that the train engineer was at fault. In an attempt to avoid liability, the railroad’s president, Walter Rich, directed David to lie about the evidence. David refused. His response would set in motion a chilling, but true, story of what can happen to one honest man when he confronts politics, power, and corruption in the small, but famous, Village of Cooperstown, New York.

What follows is an incredible "David and Goliath" saga as David looked to the courts, public officials, and anyone else who would listen in his quest for fairness, justice and truth.

The result was an unfair and catastrophic failure of our justice system that all but destroyed a decent man, his family and his livelihood.

David had always been part of making the system work for others, and now when he needed it the most, it betrayed him.

Railroaded in Cooperstown vividly describes employee abuse, corporate corruption, political influence peddling, criminal cover-up, drug use and trafficking, and reckless conduct resulting in the death of two innocent people. It also looks beyond Cooperstown in discussing railroad safety in general.

This story is a wake-up call to American communities everywhere. It is our hope that by telling this story to you, the truth, and maybe even some justice, will prevail.

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